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Amazon Parrots

photo by Gail J. Worth

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Ranging from Central and South America and surrounding islands, these colorful parrots have been kept as companions for many years.
There are approximately 31 different species of Amazon parrots, each unique in its color, size, and personality.

Personality Traits

As a rule, Amazon parrots are lively, feisty and fearless. Handfed babies make delightful pets, some learning to speak even before they are weaned.
The ability to sing and talk with ease has earned the Amazon the fame it so richly deserves. Older Amazons have also earned a reputation of being somewhat ornery and moody when the breeding season is at hand.
It is because of this, that care should be taken when making the decision to add an Amazon to your home.

Is An Amazon Right For You?

If you are a long time bird owner, familiar with parrot psyche, an Amazon is probably a good choice and would make a welcome addition to your family.
Amazons are not over demanding but do require a bit of compassion and empathy when it comes to their breeding cycles.

Which One To Choose?

Because there are many different types of Amazons available as pets, it is often difficult to make a decision. Most decide on a specific bird based on size, coloration, and talking ability.

Amazons Bred at The Feather Tree

Double Yellow Headed (Amazona ochrocephala) We specialize in what is commonly called the Magna or Tres Marias. These particular Yellow Heads gain their color in only a few short years, and continue to procure more and more yellow with age. Our Yellow Headed breeding stock not only have the full yellow heads, but exquisite yellow coloring on their breasts, wings and thighs. They produce beautiful babies with superior attitudes and great talking abilities.

article on Tres Marias Amazons

photos of our Magna and Tres Marias Amazons


Yellow Naped (Amazona auropalliata) Undoubtedly the most famous for their talking proficiency, these birds personify the ultimate parrot.

Blue Fronted (Amazona xanthopteryx) As with our Yellow Heads, great pains were taken in acquiring a breeding stock of Blue Fronts rich in yellows and blues. Amazons of this coloration are nicknamed Chaco Blue Fronts.

The yellow in our Blue Fronts will actually reach the breast area by or just after weaning. These gorgeous birds also are quite competent talkers.

Chaco Blue-Fronted Amazon page

Orange Winged (Amazona amazonica) We really like these birds, which is why we have worked with them for so many years.
What they lack in color and talking ability, they more than make up for in their delightful and even temperaments.

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