The Feather Tree

is pleased to offer true
Tres Marias and Magna Double
Yellow-headed Amazon Parrots!

photo by Gail J. Worth

Here are two of our baby Amazons from the 2000
breeding season. The bird on the left is a Tres Marias
Amazon. The bird on the right is a Magna Double
Yellow-Headed Amazon. These birds are about the same age.
See these same birds in 2003!

This photo above depicts a magnificent Magna Amazon
who has fathered two generations of babies at our facility.

This three month old baby Tres Marias Amazon shows
exceptional coloring already and will continue to become
more striking with each moult of the feathers. The yellow
and red coloration will increase in amount and in intensity.
This lovely species is quite rare in aviculture.

article on Tres Maria Amazons

Photos are by Steve Garvin unless otherwise noted.
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not be reproduced by any method without written permission from The Feather Tree.

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