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We ship out of Los Angeles (LAX Airport) as a favor to you! Shipping cost usually runs about $155.00 within the United States. We charge whatever the airline charges; we make no profit from it! Crating charge is $20.00 and it takes me about 20 minutes to label the crate and to add all of the exterior wiring modifications
and the interior perch that airline IATA regulations require.
I ship with seeds and apple slices and usually ship on evening/night flights and have never had a bad incident shipping. It is an hour and half roundtrip for me to drive to the airport plus time waiting at the air cargo to be helped. Picking up your bird is usually easy. Live animal shipments are handled as priority and given special treament. Live animal shipments are moved indoor quickly to shelter them out of heat or cold. Most airlines have weather restrictions on days when temperatures are extreme to protect the birds/animals. If your shipment arrives during the business hours of the air cargo office for your arline/airport, the shipment is picked up at the air cargo of the airline used. After hours, shipments can be picked up from the baggage claim area. It can take one to two hours for the shipment to be removed from the aircraft and transported to the air cargo office, so plan to be at the office about an hour or so after the flight's arrival time. The airbill will be in the name of the person picking up the shipment and a current photo ID will be required to pick up the shipment.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions about our shipping policies. thank you!hip the birds with seeds and apThe Quiet Conure Video on YouTubeple slices and index pageING