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Chaco Blue Fronted Amazon
(Amazona aestiva xanthopteryx)

Yellow-winged or Chaco Blue Fronted Amazon - 15 weeks old

Adult at nesting box

In the mid 1980s, I had the good fortune to work for a bird importer and work with the quarantine of birds on their arrival to this country. Thousands of Blue-Fronted Amazons were imported. Most of them were still being hand fed. In the average shipment of four or five hundred parrots, a hand full of Chaco Blue-Fronted would be in the group. At the end of the thirty day quarantine, I would purchase most of these birds, take them home, and have them surgically sexed. All of the fantastic ones were always males! Where were the hens? On another quarantine group of adult birds, I found two nice hens. They had great head coloration, but very little color on their wings. What they did have, that was different then the rest but matched the Chaco males, was a longer, more pointed tail! Pairing these up with my yellow birds consistantly breeds Chacos with more yellow. I'm on my third generation now. Even hens out of these blood lines typically have less yellow on the wings or shoulders than the males.

young Chaco Blue-Fronted hen

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