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Pyrrhura Conures

~Green-Cheeked, White-Eared, and Painted Conures ~

All from the genus Pyrrhura, these little guys are some of our favorites. They are all very similar in personality and differ only in color and in some cases, size. Our Pyrrhura friends are BIG birds in little bodies!
They are such clowns and so much fun to play with. Even people who are unsure as to their feelings about birds can't help but fall in love with these babies! Their dispositions are gentle and sassy at the same time.
They are very quiet compared to the larger conures. They will speak , butthis seems to be individual talent and varies with training. I have been around some who talk and talk and there are others that are not as gifted. In any case,
a hand-fed, domestic baby Pyrrhura is an excellent choice for a pet. The cage size required is not as large as is needed for other parrots, and the bird will give you just as much enjoyment.

 Yellow-Sided Green-Cheek

 American Dilute Green-Cheek

(developed by The Feather Tree)

Pineapple Green-Cheek

For questions about the Pyrrhura family of conures, please consider the purchase of our informative video. How to identify, breed, feed, and house. Hear them talk! ONLY $12.95
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Mooncheek and Cinnamon Turquoise

Pineapple Turquoise Conures

Moon Cheek and Dilute Yellow-Sided


Suncheek Conures

These birds are NOT hybrids! These are mutation colors- just like the different colors in poodles etc.

Green-cheeked Conure color mutation;
we call it Pineapple.

The Green-cheeked on the left is a Fallow;
the bird on right is a Pineapple.


These are baby White-Eyed Conures
from the 2000 season
photos by Gail J. Worth


White-Eyed Pyrrhura Conure


Yellow-sided Conure at right,
and a Pineapple on the left

We have a new mutation color of Green-Cheeked conure tentatively called the "American Dilute"! Babies of this new colotaion will be available in 2007!

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Photos are by Steve Garvin unless otherwise noted.

All photographs are protected by copyright and may
not be reproduced by any method without written permission from The Feather Tree.

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