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PYRRHURAS; Green-cheeked, Painted and family

These wonderful little parrots with "big bird" personalities come from
South America and are a delight to watch! Their easy adaptation to
captivity and high sociability make them ideal pets as seen in this
video! You'll see how to feed, house, identify, and breed these parrots
and gain an understanding of their social needs as well.
Featured are: Painted Conures, Yellow-sided Conures, Maroon-bellied
Conures, Green-cheeked Conures, Maroon-tailed Conures, Black-capped
Conures, Hoffman's Conures, Blue-throated conures, Crimson-bellied
Conures, White-eared Conures and others including new colors of Green-cheeked Conures

New species featured are Rose-crowned Conure, Emmas' Conure, Rosifrons Conure,
Green-cheeked color mutations, and Fiery-shouldered Conure.
This DVD is $12.95 plus $3.00 shipping/handling.
California residents, please add $1.04 sales tax.

DVD length- 28 minutes

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