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(Eolophus roseicapillus)






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Wonderful hand-fed Galahs!

Galahs make excellent pets and are less destructive and quieter than their tropical
Cockatoo cousins, Moluccans and Umbrellas. They are open land birds and even today
are culled for doing major crop damage to the Australian farmer’s crops.

My own pet of 17 years; she loves everyone and
has been to hospitals as a therapy bird.

Quiet most of the time, she makes noise if someone is at the door or she wants a treat. She says “Hello Steve” on command and lays on her back for minutes as long as you are scratching her head!
She’s not that much into climbing, but prefers to cruise the floor much like a pigeon to find what ever little thing she can to eat. Her favorite thing in the world is shoe laces which she loves to destroy.

Galahs put on weight easily and must be watched on what they eat. Mine eats ROUDYBUSH LOW FAT CRUMBLES as well as peas, sprouts, and the occasional carrot.. She is also fed what ever I’m eating for breakfast every morning – cereal, toast, or a small amount of eggs.

I spread her food over the board at the bottom of her cage so she spends more time foraging.

We no longer sell pink cockatoo species, sorry!

gorgeous bonded mature domestic pair of
Major Mitchell's (Leadbeater) Cockatoos


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