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Sun Cheek Pyrrhura Conure - beautiful mutation color developed by Steve Garvin!

The Suncheek is a visual American Dilute/Yellow-Sided Conure/cinnamon.
It has ruby eyes, white beak, white feet, orange and golden yellow breast,
pastel crown, pastel lime back, platinum-blue flight feathers, and a surprisingly
bright orange-red tail feathers
that burst out of the yellow body!

click to see our gorgeous new color mutation, the American Dilute

Green-Cheeked Conure mutation colors visual prediction tables


These birds are NOT hybrids! These are mutation colors-
just like the different colors in poodles.

Suncheek on left; normal Green-Cheeked Conure on right

Red-Faced Suncheek!

Red-Faced Suncheek on left; Red-Faced Pineapple on right


Suncheek (bird at bottom)






Suncheek on left;
normal Green-Cheeked Conure on right

Suncheek on left;
normal Green-Cheeked Conure on right


I've been breeding Green Cheek Conures for 32 years now. I have 32 generations of them. I chose these birds to specialize in for they do make excellent pets and that lets so many of us that would never be exposed to anything other than a dog or cat do so. Green cheeks are great; they let you interact with a exotic that adapts well and easily fits in to a pet life style . They are very playful as well as social and are not distructive and not loud.

When I started breeding the Yellow side Green Cheek, I loved it but wondered if other colors were possible. At the time there existed the normal ( wild phase) ,the Yellow side ( wild phase), and the Cinnamon (produced in captivity). No one was mixing them, so why not me? I bought the Cinnamons - then called Fallows from Davis Kauffmann and started. My goal was a lutino bird. Instead I produced the Pineapple, a name I came up with to describe and promote the beauty of this bird. Over the years the people into genetics have given it three different names. I heard it called a Fallow /Yellow side, then it was a
Cinnamon /Yellow side, and now a Cinnamon /Opaline.

A name. So far the best name I've come up with is a Sun Cheek. White beak , ruby eyes, a bright yellow breast, a red tail that just pops out of the yellow, and a light lime back. The bird is genetically a Yellow Sided, Cinnamon, American Dilute Green Cheek Conure, which no one that's not in to genetics will ever ask for and is therefore a very unpopular name. So why not a
Suncheek?! It's 100% Green cheek conure. Please see the Penn and Teller video about names: Or would you like some roasted dough covered in tomato sauce with some cheese, maybe some pepperoni on top? Or you could just order a pizza. There are reasons tthat we give common names to birds and other things.

Another new mutation coloration is the dark beaked
American Dilute/ Yellow sided, a beautiful bird with extensive bright reds and yellows.

Our newest color, the Moon Cheek!


photos by Steve Garvin
All photographs are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced by any method without written permission from
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