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Frequently Asked Questions
about Vasa Parrots
by Steve Garvin, owner of The Feather Tree

(Sorry, Vasa Parrots are currently not available.)

Do they make good pets?
Yes, they do not seem to have a monogamous pair bond or be territorial
like most other parrots.So they tend to like everyone and do not defend
their territory like some macaws and Amazons. If acquired young they
learn to love being held and scratched much like a cockatoo but do not
seem to demand it.

How loud are they?
Vasas make more noise during their spring breeding season, with the hen
doing most of the calling. Tame birds have more of a seasonal speech
pattern, talking less in the non breeding season. Their natural noise is
rather like a grouse or a donkey! With vocalizations not like any other
parrot, they evenhave some odd whines like a cat. They are not louder
than macaws or most Amazon Parrots.

This recording was made on 5/2/05 of the courtship sounds of our breeding pairs.

Are they nervous?
Baby Vasas at weaning are very jumpy but grow out of it. They have
evolved to grow and wean at one of the fastest rates of all parrots, probably
due to some natural predator that preys on them at the
nesting stage. These birds have a strong natural fleeing response.

Are they prone to feather plucking?
I have ten adult Vasas. Three stay in beautiful feather most of the year.
The others get rough feathering twice a year. One will have only down on
its breast. All of my birds will grow back all of their feathers twice a
year and look perfect!

by Steve Garvin, owner of The Feather Tree

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