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Green-Cheeked Conure mutation colors visual prediction tables!

 Welcome to


We specialize in
Pyrrhura Conures
(Green-cheeked mutations)
and now have a variety of gorgeous mutation colors such
as the babies shown in the photographs to the left and shown below
click here to see images of our newest color mutations!

We also raise Congo African Greys, Timneh Greys, Amazon Parrots, and Poicephalus Parrots
(including the rare Ruppell's Parrot).

Yes, we do export in quantity!

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 We have an exciting and gorgeous new mutation color of Green-Cheeked Conure called the "Suncheek"!
This is a new mutation color developed
by Steve Garvin/The Feather Tree.
Babies of this new coloration and the Red-Faced Suncheek are now available!

The Suncheek is a visual
American Dilute/Yellow-Sided/Cinnamon.

Suncheek (bird at bottom of image)
Suncheeks, images above & at right

new! Red-Faced Suncheeks! (photos above and below)




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   American Dilute/Yellow-Sided Conure
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We have a gorgeous new mutation color of Green-Cheeked Conure called the
"American Dilute"!
Babies of this new coloration
are available now!
American Dilutes;
image above is an
American Dilute

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image above is of three
Red-breasted American Dilute/ Yellow-Sided Conure
This mutation color was developed
by Steve Garvin/The Feather Tree.

Our newest color, the Moon Cheek!

"Pineapple" Green-Cheeked Conures

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Here are some of our beautiful spring
'05 hatched Conure babies.


photos of our gorgeous mutation colors of
Green-Cheeked Conures
These birds are NOT hybrids!

These are mutation colors- just like the
different colors in poodles etc

photos of our rare
Ruppell's Parrots



Frequently Asked Questions
about Vasa Parrots!

(Sorry, Vasa Parrots are currently not available.)
Green-Cheek Conure- 8 reasons to own one!

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new mutation colors of Pyrrhura Conures Amazons
 Ruppell's Parrots
we've got new bloodlines!
Our Dogs - Brussels Griffon - see photos!
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   Yellow-sided (Green-cheeked) Conures- see article
Pineapple Green-cheeked Conures available now!
 Where are they now?  "Pineapple" Green-Cheeked Conures
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baby birds!
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 Green-Cheeked Conure mutation colors visual prediction tables  American Dilute page!

Blue-Fronted Amazon and Tres Marias Amazons

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